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"Hope can always find a place" this book became one of the absolute favourites, it opened my eyes to most painful crimes in Kenya from circumcising girls to child rape and child abandonment . ofcourse those things happen all over the world, how traumatised kids can get and you can't expect a 2 or 7 year old to manage surviving on his own. Those who found hope and those who didn't. This one is a must-read.
Rania Salah ElDin, August 2018


The book Nobody´s Children is so inspiring and it has alot to do with the society and kind of living among the people. It is really an amazing book. For the first time ever I read a book and felt something deep down in my heart.... I love it
Clinton, Kenya, June 2018


I must go on record and say the book Nobody´s Children epitomizes real african story and what is depicted here totally true. This is one hell of an epic novel. Pretty much everything is epic – huge ideas, huge scope, I live in africa Nairobi and this story raises awareness on what is happenning in Kenya and most african countries. This are compelling story that leave a mark in the mind to anyone who reads it, wish its made a movie for many people to see in future.

Peter Kimani, Kenya, October 2016 


I have read the Nobody's Children within one month and it was very interesting for me because I´m from north Africa. Thank you Hana for this real story.

Mohammed I., October 2016


The story Nobody´s Children is relating directly to the day to day hustle of people coming to the city to find a life..its really amazing.

Geoffrey Wes, Nairobi, Kenya, October 2016


Nobody´s Children is well written book. It influences the reader to have the desire to finish the story as soon as one starts. The book is well thought through so that one can not speculate about the end. It is a brutal and scary story . Being a Tanzanian but also lived in Kenya, the story took me home and made me think a lot about street children. Their lives, effort, dangers and the society at large. Its a fictional story reflecting a number of aspects of their lives.

Corona Kimaro Cermak from Tanzania, June 2015


The book "Nobody's Children" written by Hana Hindráková was from the first page so interesting I couldn't put the book down. The story takes us to a distant African continent, to the country of Kenya, its capital Nairobi and rural countryside areas. This is so vividly depicted that you can feel like you are actually there. These human stories bring you closer to the harsh reality of real life in that country and describes the current situation in this environment that the author herself recognises and that makes this book so compelling. I thank the author for the unusual, enlightening and exciting experience.

Mila Cechova, June 2015


Amazing book with very sad a hard story. It is icredible, that some children in Kenya must live so as it is written here. Very interesting is read about great difference between rich and poor, and between people in town and people on countryside. I have to say the book is very readable and author convincingly described life in Kenya. All who like Africa or who are interested about it, must read this book. Long time after reading this book I was over thinking about it. It is strong story based on facts. I highly recommend this book. Because we must not close our eyes to similar stories. We everyone are together on our planet!

Michal Kristek, May 2015


Your next book The Enchanted I liked again and look forward to your next title. Just a pity that it takes a long time to write, and I read it in one week.

Jiřina Kholová, March 2015


Yesterday I finished reading your book Volunteers who have been beautifully and concisely written ... I'd love to read books about Africa, especially the autobiographical .... Since childhood I have a dream to see Kenya ...

Gábina Bartošová, January 2015


Other African novel Volunteers I read again ” in one breath .” Africa is in my heart and always stay there.

Dagmar Trnková, March 2014


Africa I also burrow under the skin. After reading the last novel Volunteer more. I am in the mountains and I just read it . Even now I wipe the tears from his eyes. The book is from the very beginning, very well readable and exciting. I did it could not take my eyes off ’til I finished it last line. Thank you!

Sonia Čapková, March 2014


Nobody´s children I read anyone for two days and I could not leave her. Sadly, cruel and yet so real. This book should be read in all schools. Young people should realize how good it is.

Sonia K., March 2014


I just finished a novel Volunteer. The story consumed me completely. Towards the end I read it faster and faster, my heart was thumping and my eyes were full of tears. I’m looking forward to the next book by this author ​​. Too bad that I can not  speak English because Kenya is a country which I would very much like to visit, but just as she learns Hank Hindráková.

Radka Eflerová, March 2014


Dear Hana, first of all I would like to congratulate you on your beautiful and successful literary activity. Yesterday, I read your new novel volunteers and how else again in the same breath. Again, I’m excited and like the previous books, I will recommend and lend further. It is really obvious that you charmed Kenya. With a great sense described by the natural beauty and life stories of not only the main characters that are not always happy, that you might not even invent. The books are very readable, exciting and beautiful also because in the end everything will be fine. And it is very good because bad things are in real life than enough and it does not matter which part of the globe you live .Nor dare to evaluate which book I liked best, but I feel that the first two were like a loose sequel and after reading volunteers to have a man almost seems to be in Kenya at home. Indeed, a beautiful reading! Hana, I wish you, whether you still have something to write about, because my readers are already looking forward to the next book.

Marie Radova, February 2014


Karibu Kenya book I read in 2 days. It was great, I could not tear so great praise the author.

Radka Zachariášová , May 2013


Karibu Kenya book I read in one breath. It was really nice to travel with your heroine to places that I have visited , therefore, in addition to Kakamega forest, he is still waiting for me.
Congratulations , the book is very readable . Several times I was surprised when there was another and another reversal , though I really did not expect any.
I wish you a lot of enthusiastic readers, and especially the new themes that you manage to convey an equally engaging in other books.

Sylva Santarová, executive director of the Kenya Tourist, April 2013


I just finished Karibu Kenya and I have to say, I devoured it in one breath. Great story and also the magic envelope. A really good book ! Now I ‘m going to Children anybody. I wish you luck in your future work.

Anna Návratová, April 2013


I need you to acknowledge the book Nobody´s children is both readable, perhaps because of an interesting topic , and second, definitely do not have to be ashamed of artistic treatment. I am delighted that one of my students is also active in the field of literature, and I hope that it does not and will not be your only book that you so successful. Perhaps even more of your work will be as good and earn the recognition and popularity of readers. When you next book comes out , I think you said sometime in the spring, I’ll be glad to let me know, so I could buy it not only for themselves but also for the school. Little did you just rejoice. Currently Children anybody takes pride of place in the display case with the news and you are paid to cultural noticeboard.

Lenka Musilová, March 2013


Nobody´s children I read during the day, I could not put it down, really nice, thrilling at the same time very sad. I voted for the author’s book – a book of the year on a database of books. I look forward to further reading.

Květa, February 2013


Very engaging and informative book, which is based on the author’s thorough knowledge of various typical Kenyan environment. The reader recognizes the reality of different layers of the current Kenyan society, and a very readable and exciting manner. It’s one of the few books that truly (albeit with authorial license) indicates the complex developments in society, which is different from ours, but all the more necessary to know him. I am very grateful for the positive message of the book as a positive image of Africa and fair access to its problems and above all fair cooperation is essential amendments to the general perception of the continent, not the future but the present.

Gita Fuchsová, a former ambassador to Kenya (2008-2011), January 2013


Colorful descriptions of African wildlife and rugged street rules are intertwined Children anybody. Very readable mediated, not too familiar theme of youth gangs, street acts and life in the slums of large African cities.

Jana Dehner, January 2013


Birth, food, sex, relationships, death … The book tells a few snippets from the lives of Kenyan children and their families. Swiftly, easily, sometimes very naturalistic. Poverty, but also the simple joy, love and hope. Stories of individual heroes eventually cross. Some little unexpected and all faster than I expected. As quickly came the end of the book. Big thanks for nice reading.

Jan Bensch, January 2013


The book “Nobody´s children” I read very quickly. It is written in an interesting, exciting and environments in different locations is happening very accurately described. I’ve never been there, but as described it can imagine. I look forward to the next book.

Petr Ryboň, January 2013


The book “Nobody´s children” I looked and I’d prefer not gotten up from her … The story is so strong, rough and full of hope, I have experienced every possible emotion, and I was sorry that it’s over …. thank you. I wish a lot of other beautiful novels …..

Jana Polcarová, January 2013


I’m not a proficient reader, but the book Nobody´s Children I read for two breaths, the first on the train, the other the next day after work. Even many a tear dripped. It is a book that one must read quickly and when he reads and he was sorry that it’s over.

Kateřina Kubíková, December 2012


While reading the book, I could picture vividly imagined characters who act in it. The storyline is not dull, I was curious to see how the situation develops. I knew that the book is what life in Africa from the poorer sites. I was surprised, as I read the book struck. I read about 70 pages and the next thing I could not read. Because after all, I was not ready for such a drastic fate of people. After this break, I have finished the book very quickly, because I was curious to see how it all turns out. I like to read another book of this author.

Jana Mezihoráková, December 2012


The book “Nobody´s Children” liked and I read it over the weekend. It is a book that reads well, has a slope, always something going on in it, so it is difficult to leave. Stories of people from different social strata in Nairobi are well connected and I liked that the book describes a longer period of time. In addition, she gave me some idea about life in Africa, I felt the sincerity of the situation that there are some very cruel, especially for orphaned children and the poor layers. Although the book does not avoid the truth, it is not overly brutal.
Thank you for reading experience.

Jana Zapiorová, December 2012


The book  Nobody´s Children was for me one of the books I read in one “laying”. The story of children is described very engagingly readable form, despite the social problems of the story. We are already looking forward to March, when the artist has come out another book.

Jana from Mělník, December 2012


Today I finished reading your book and I am still full of impressions, which in its contents left me, I want to express my admiration and gratitude. It’s engaging book with the right name, full of dramatic testimony. I believe that the same passion and success will read your other books.

ZS, December 2012

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